Fedra Charda (b. 1987) is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Athens, Greece.

She is a graduate of the American College of Greece and in 2018 graduated with honors from Athens School of Fine Arts with her first Integrated Master. Her works are characterized by the use of painting and photography and the combination of these two. Additionally, her artistic practice includes different mediums such as collages, over-painted photographs, video art, constructions, and installations.  She mainly deals with matters of memory, time, and trauma. She has participated in various group exhibitions, including «Future Identities – Bodies. Places. Spaces «as part of the Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival in 2014 in Venice. Since 2010, she has worked as a visual artist, freelancer photographer, and set designer in many theatre productions and music live stages in Athens.


2010 – 2018 – Athens School Of Fine Arts, Greece.
– 5 years education on painting under professors D. Sakellion & G. Kazazis at 5th & 6th Studio of Painting.
– 2 years education on mosaic under professor D. Angelidou at Mosaic Studio.
– 3 years education on drawing under professor G. Kazazis at Design Studio.


2023 – «The Fragility of Humanity: the art of being broken», Barrett, Athens, Greece.


2023 – «Reflections», Royal Blue Gallery, Virtual Exhibition. 
2023 – «Home Spectrograph – A flashback to the memories of the familiar», Mets Art Center, Greece.
2021 – «Past – Present – Future», Cheapart, 85th Thessaloniki International Fair TIF, Greece.
2020 -«What do you mean you are not happy?», Artens Festival 2020, Online, Greece.
2020 – «Kontakt»
,Taf The Art Foundation, Greece.
2019 – «The Naked Truth»
,Aqua Gallery, Santorini, Greece.
2019 – «A Rock Story»
,Trii Art Hub Gallery, Athens, Greece.
2018 «Young Art Historians from ASFA Choose»
,Trii Art Hub Gallery, Athens, Greece.
2016 – «Applied Arts Festival» – 1o Applied Arts Festival in Applied Arts Ornerakis Center, Athens, Greece.
2014 – “Future Identities – Bodies. Places. Spaces”
,Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival,at Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice, Italy.
2012 – «Death Of Creator»
, the Center of Art and Culture BETON 7, Athens, Greece.
2011 – Student Exhibition
,Athens School of Fine Arts, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens, Greece.
2009 – «15 Years Old»
, Ash In Art, Athens, Greece.


«Viva La Muerte», by Giannis Papazoglou, Vafeio Theater, Director: Tasos Raptis – Set Designer & Artwork / Poster Creator
«Moral Rules / Spring Awakening», (an adaptation of Frank Wedekind’s Spring Awakening,)  by Vasilis Tziokas, Cartel Theater, Director: Thodoris Vournas Set Designer
«Femin Play Toujours» by Yiota Ioannidou, Athens School Of Fine Arts, Director: Yiota Ioannidou – Promotional Photographer & Teaser Creator
«Orion`s Dog» by Tilemachos Tsardakas, Neos Kosmos Theatre, Director: Electra Ellinikioti – Set Designer, Artwork / Poster Creator & Photographer
«Alice In Neverland» by Othonas Lampropoulos, C.ulture V.ictims, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Director: Othonas Lampropoulos – Set & Costume Designer 
«Gina Lollobrigida» by George Simon, Lost `n Found bar, Director: George Simon Photographer, Artwork / Poster Creator & Set Designer
«The Wonderwoman Fairy Tale Is Reloaded» by Othonas Lampropoulos, C.ulture V.ictims, Theater 104, Director: Othonas Lampropoulos –  Photographer & Artwork/ Poster Creator
«Thieves: We and the Greeks», based on  the  poem ‘Thieves’ by George Prevedourakis and in an article by Dimitris Dimitriadis entitled «Us and the Greeks», Bios, Director: Electra Ellinikioti –  Set Designer
«Weimar 2013», based on texts by Bertolt Brecht, Studio Below Zero, Director: Nick Karageorgos – Photographer & Set Designer 
«EPONYMOUS», based on texts of the last decade from magazines, television and internet, Studio Below Zero, Director: Nick Karageorgos – Photographer & Set Designer
«Falls the night in Athens«, Art Space and Action Vrysaki, Director: Electra Ellinikioti – Set Construction 
«Room 101», based on «Tape» in Stephen Belber, Theater Eilissos, Director: Sotiris Douvris – Photographer


2019 – «Don`t Let Her Go» by Maxim Vaga, Digital Release – Cover / Artwork Creator 
2018 – «Window To The Light» Live, Dimitris Voutsas & Polyxeni Kara, music performance – Photographer / Poster Creator (Artwork)
2018 – «Spring / Summer Collection» by Anna – Maria Charda – Photographer / Product Photographer 
2018 – «Freekey«, music / theatrical performane by Renata Kapetanaki & Annie Theochary, Booze Cooperativa, Director: Renata Kapetanaki – Set Designer
2015 – «Maria Papageorgiou Live», Stavros Tou Notou – Promotional Photographer & Poster Creator
2015 – «Miss Bloody Mary», Beatniks Road Bar – Photoshooting / Promotional Photographer
2014 – «3 Degrees» by Maria Papageorgiou, LP Vinyl Release, Phonograph Record Company – 500 Collectible Vinyl / Artwork Creator & Curator
2013 – «Dance Crisis Carnival» , music performance, Kookoo Live Music Bar, Director: Renata Kapetanaki – Artwork / Set Designer, Poster Creator & Photographer
2013 – «Avoulo Therio», Album Release, Maria Papageorgiou and Alexander Emmanouilidis, Phonograph Record Company – Artwork & Album Curator 
2012 – «A LEAP FORWARD …. A JUMP TO THE FUTURE», World Poetry Movement, Ianos – Poster Artwork


Viva La Muerte, Lifo
Home Spectrograph – A flashback to the memories of the familiar, Culture Now 
Maxim Vaga Live Solo, Times News
The Naked Truth , Times News
A Rock story,  Ecozen
Window To The Light, Tetragwn
Freekey, Culture Now
Iho Dimoprasion,  Financial Newspaper, Cover & Last page
Young Art Historians from ASFA Choose, Liberal
How to mediate the unspoken? It`s Only ArtsPhotographic Reportage 
Moral Rules / Spring Awakening, El culture
Femin Play Toujours, Culture Now
Maria Papageorgiou, Diesi
Future Identities – Bodies. Places. Spaces. It`s Liquid
3 Degrees, Ogdoo
Orion`s Dog, Musicity
Gina Lollobrigida, Art And Life
The Wonderwoman Fairy Tale Is Reloaded, El Culture
Dance Crisis Carnival , Click At Life
Avoulo Therio, Music Corner
Weimar 2013, Info-War
Thieves: We and the Greeks, The Best
A leap Forward, Poiein
Death Of Creator , Beton7
Room 101, Eilissos

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