Inspired by philosophy, poetry, music and concepts – situations such as memory, decay, death, the agony of existence and time, I compose fragments of memory from different periods, and by intervening on them I create new images – realities.

I am particularly interested in the «journey» of an experience from its first moment, in how time affects its transformation – its alteration, while at the same time it continues to evolve and exist. In this way, the «concept of reflection on what came from what and how its form has changed in the flow of time but also what everything carries on it or within it» is introduced.

The choice of materials I use is based on the sensitivity or not of the material over time. These are mainly: photos, paper, ink and plasticine, as opposed to wood, metal, glass and marble. Its aim is to work as a trigger for the viewer to reconsider his or her personal memories and emotions created by the images.

Finally, a key element of my work is writing, the extension of language in space and time, which for me represents an invisible bridge that connects memory with image.

How does time affect the memory?

What is real?

How «deep» could a trauma be?

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